The Town and Country Garden Club of Cleveland Member Guidelines

Town & Country Garden Club is a volunteer-run group with interests in gardening, civic and environmental responsibility, and community beautification.


  • Educational programs
  • New contacts and experiences
  • Friendships and camaraderie
  • Group involvement in club activities and special charitable projects
  • Community volunteer opportunities
  • Great lunches!

We expect our members to:

  •  Attend meetings and offer ideas and information.
  •  Serve as hostess for one monthly meeting each year.
  •  Become active with the board and the programming committee.
  •  Belong to Holden Forests & Gardens (Cleveland Botanical Garden / Holden Arboretum).
  •  Come out and dig with us! We offer several “hands in the dirt” project opportunities each year. Get involved!

This is a volunteer organization run by our members for our members. Our dues don’t cover everything. We need active members who will get involved. Anyone seeking membership is expected to meet with the Membership Chair and attend one meeting prior to applying.

Membership Information & Guidelines rev 2019-1-1