JANUARY: “The Maturing Gardener: Gardening and Aging Gracefully”

SPEAKER: Sandy White, Master Gardener

We are living longer and enjoying our gardens more.

Sandy will share some helpful hints on how to keep us

happy and healthy gardeners.   


MARCH: “Abandoned but Not Forgotten”

SPEAKER: Jim Rokakis

Director of Thriving Communities Institute

(part of the Western Reserve Land Conservancy)

Jim will discuss the ever growing problem of vacant and

abandoned properties and how they are being

repurposed and rebuilt.  


APRIL: “Milkweeds for Monarchs”

SPEAKER: Tami Gingrich

Naturalist, Geauga Park Service

Weed is good…milkweed that is! We will tour their

greenhouse and see up close and personal

how milkweed is propagated for distribution to 

grow and attract the monarch butterfly. 


MAY: “Living Walls” (a hands-on project)

SPEAKER: Nursery Staff, Bremec Nursery

Let your creative juices flow after learning from the 

experts at Bremec’s . Remember the fun we had 

making the flower towers?   We will now get to try our

hand at building a living wall with succulents as our base 

plants.  NOTE: Bring gardening gloves. 


JUNE: “What’s All the Buzz About? Gardening for Pollinators”

SPEAKER: Denise Ellsworth, The Bee Lady!

Denise will focus on practical steps gardeners can take

to create or enhance the habitat. She will share simple

design elements including plant selection. 


JULY: “Visit to an Organic Farm”

SPEAKER: Savery Rorimer

We have heard all about organic gardening. This time

we will travel to a real working organic farm. Savery

is famous for her organic vegetables sold at several

area farmer’s markets. Now we will see and hear how

she and her staff grow them. 


AUGUST: “Elderberries…from Folklore to Nutrition”

SPEAKER: Tara Winland 

Dress comfortably because we will be taking a wagon

ride through Elderberry Trail Farm, tasting elderberry

treats, and enjoying a picnic lunch with elderberry

flower water as our beverage.


SEPTEMBER: “The Canopy Walk and Emergent Tower”

SPEAKER: Holden Arboretum Staff

We will get a first-hand look at Holden’s newest feature,

The Canopy Walk. The 500’ long elevated walkway, 65’

above a tributary of Pierson Creek includes 4 suspension

bridges.   What a view of Holden’s woodlands. 


OCTOBER: “The Creation on Living Art”

SPEAKER: Isa Ranganathan

Co-chair Flower Fund CMA and VP of Ikebana

You won’t want to miss this very special program.   We

will have a behind the scenes tour of the Flower Fund’s 

room for a demonstration on the creation of the

beautiful Pedestal Arrangements at the Museum. See

how they use special containers and mechanics. 


DECEMBER: “Holiday Time at Stan Hywet”

Holiday time at Stan Hywet will take us back in

time to the glory days of this stately Akron